Breeding Labrador Retrievers

Future Business Adventure

I came to the conclusion that I love animals from the time I was three years old. Particularly dogs. I have a dream I hope to fulfill within the next two or three years. I would like to begin a breeding business. I love Labrador Retrievers. The are very intelligent and easy to train. Diseases and physical problems are very few. Besides, they are just representative of a beautiful breed. Not too big, not too small. They are family friendly, protective and loving. I’ve witten down my plans, have them lodged in my brain and now all I have to do is find the money to pursue my dream. To start I will need real estate with a great backyard in a country setting. I would start with a beautiful AKC yellow female puppy and build up her health for breeding after her second heat. I will train her to be the best pet with social and discipline skills. In the interim, I will be researching and networking for a stud of highest AKC standards, (and even some awards, ribbons, trophies), not to forget to mention handsome! Once the connection is established and puppies are produced, we will be able to state the puppies will be lovingly pre-potty trained, basic command trained and social etiquette will be established. They will be available for adoption by the Veterans Administration, Commission for the Blind and Handicapped, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Sport (hunting) Enthusiasts and/or loving families.


About mspinkysartimpressions

I am an amatuer Impressionist artist. I love painting my dreams, fantasies, thoughts, ideas, visuals of life around me,! I love color, so when I paint I tend to blend deep colors. My mediums are oil, acrylic, watercolor, and pastels. On occasion I have used color pencils and magic marker. When I was in High School, I would paint posters for my fellow students and even one teacher for a nominal fee, which assisted me in purchasing supplies. I especially love painting nature. I love the ocean and I love trees. I hope to showcase my paintings in a gallery. If you are interested in purchasing one (or two or more), hit me up! I am also an animal lover. I have always had a pet of some kind from the time I was three. I am currently the mother of two dogs, a Siamese Fighting Fish and several Koi and Goldfish. I have a dream of becoming a breeder of Pedigree quality Labrador Retrievers that would be sold to The Veterans Organization, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Sports Enthusiats, and loving family homes. My Labs would become famous for not only the breed, but the health, intelligence, social demeanor, discipline and the love they will express which would be a reflection of my family and myself. My eldest son and my granddaughter are also animal crazy!

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