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Phebe's Memorial Day Bikini

Weimaraner, Morky, dogs, pets, family
Max and Phebe Sunday Morning


Relaxing at homeMax's first day home


New puppie, Maltese/Tea Cup Yorkie, 1Lb
Miss Phebe Lucette at 7 weeks old

I love my pets! They are my children. I have raised dogs since I was three years old. Each one had their own personality. I remember each and every one and the stories that go with it. Currently I have two dogs, Maximillion, a Weimaraner, age 13, Miss Phebe, a Morky, age 2, Koi and goldfish (named The Kois and the Golds family). I also have a pond with goldfish and Mosquito fish, but I didn’t name them, Lol. Getting back to my current babies, Max was a Christmas gift from my late husband, Ben. He said he wanted me to have protection if anything happened to him. he must have sensed something, because he passed away two years later. After Ben passed away, Max and the late Tiffany, a Silky Terrior, (at the time she was 10 yrs old), would place their toys in Ben’s recliner. When I would come home from work there would be stuffed animals, bones and Tiffany’s blanket in the chair. That was very moving and sweet. Phebe came along two years ago. Her mother is Maltese and her father is Tea Cup Yorkie. She is very, very smart and very, very spoiled! Max didn’t like her at first. She was so tiny, she fit in the palm of my hand and weighed 2lbs. Before I brought her home, my boyfriend looked at her pictures and kept saying, “she’s too small, I only like big dogs!” Until I brought the tiny bundle to him. He then melted and murmured “Oooo, lil’ booboo. They are close to this day! I dress her in little outfits. As a matter of fact her wardrobe is so large she has 2-1/2 shopping bags filled with all her stuff. She has a wooden crib, toy chest, several designer dog carriers and two car seats. She has a fan club and on occasion we visit the people who always ask about her.  You’d think we had a new baby! But Max and Phebe are our babies. From time to time I will be posting about them and the many pets I have had over the years. It will include, cats, Cockatiels, Canaries, Parakeets, fish, Iguana, turtles (Aquatic & Box), Pidgeons, a Ferret, a Dwarf rabbit,  and a Ball Python! Talk to you again, see ya!