The Holidays with the Pets

The Holidays with the Pets. via The Holidays with the Pets. Advertisements

Pets are Family Too

Breeding Labrador Retrievers

Future Business Adventure

I came to the conclusion that I love animals from the time I was three years old. Particularly dogs. I have a dream I hope to fulfill within the next two or three years. I would like to begin a breeding business. I love Labrador Retrievers. The are very intelligent and easy to train. Diseases and physical problems are very few. Besides, they are just representative of a beautiful breed. Not too big, not too small. They are family friendly, protective and loving. I’ve witten down my plans, have them lodged in my brain and now all I have to do is find the money to pursue my dream. To start I will need real estate with a great backyard in a country setting. I would start with a beautiful AKC yellow female puppy and build up her health for breeding after her second heat. I will train her to be the best pet with social and discipline skills. In the interim, I will be researching and networking for a stud of highest AKC standards, (and even some awards, ribbons, trophies), not to forget to mention handsome! Once the connection is established and puppies are produced, we will be able to state the puppies will be lovingly pre-potty trained, basic command trained and social etiquette will be established. They will be available for adoption by the Veterans Administration, Commission for the Blind and Handicapped, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Sport (hunting) Enthusiasts and/or loving families.

Pets Are Family Too!

One day, a friend asked me if I could take his Yorkshire Terrier and raise him. His son was allergic and it was causing problems for them. The dog’s name was Lucky. When I received him, he came with crate, bed, bowls, leash, collar and a clean bill of health. He was hesitant at first because of Max, my Weimaraner. First up, I changed his name. I’m the type of person who likes unique names. Not just the ordinary. I named him Najee Luck. He looked like a Najee and he quickly became acclamated to the name. Unfortunately the dog was not trained! (Something the previous owners failed to mention!)  He was not house trained, didn’t know basic commands, (or didn’t care to), but he was cute as a whip, the little scoundrel. It took me 6 months to get him potty trained. He got tired of the crate and saw the freedoms Max had and finally figured out the deal. Finally, he learned basic commands and my tones. If I was angry, he would quietly go upstairs and hide under the bed for hours, not heeding to any calls. So we called “time out”. (and it was his idea!) He had the life of luxery. Leather bomber jacket, sweaters, spa treatments, nail manicures, shearling bed, etc. He was a handsome fellow, but sometimes a little defiant! He began competing with Max. Max had to rip him a new tail a few times. He knew his place after a time and became more submissive to Max. He then began acting out a little to much, defecating in shoes, not listening. I’m not imagining it when I say the little rascal would cuss me out a few times. If I exclaim that I’m mad because he urinated on the rug after coming in the house from a walk, I’d say “get your little butt over here!” He’d take off grumbling and go to “time out” on his own. Well, it just got to be too much after a time because there began esculated competition between the two males. I remembered a friend of mine who had become a Widow and in the same year, her senior dog had passed away. I asked her and she was unsure. She came to the house and saw Najee and thought about it later. Needless to say, she came to pick him up. We had a bon voyage party for him. He’s still related though. His new mom is a good friend of the family. We kept him separate from us for quite a while so he could adjust with her. He is fat, happy and spoiled. What it all barrels down to is, sometimes you find a dog who is better off in a one dog, one pet household. Najee needed more attention and acted out to let us know this fact. Dogs have personalities just like humans.

The little handsome terrier

Bon Voyage NajeeNajee says goodbye!